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360 Total Security Crack

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360 Total Security Premium Crack The latest reliable security devices. This will increase the security of your system so that it remains useful all the time. You can also analyze your desire to clean to clean according to the amount of information. You can manage the security of laptops and improve privacy by using a firewall. In addition, all drivers can be updated on your system whenever they wish. This device cleans information and privacy in your system. This allows you to keep your actions secret. This ensures that your information is completely removed, no one can insinuate it. You can back up your documents regularly until you lose information as a result of a system failure.

360 Total Security Premium Crack

In addition, it performs a virus detection mechanism that respects the environment. It can easily detect any form of virus, malware and malware. Usually, it hides malicious actions that you may not know. This prevents erratic actions for applications running on your laptop. You must use phishing protection and browser security to simply protect yourself against customers who have not tried to obtain your personal information online. In practice, the Premium Premium 360 license key provides a great Sandbox feature to scan any information before logging into the system.

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is always the best alternative to protect your PC threats and ensure the security of your information. You can also create a cleaning table that can be done day by day at a specific time and make the system clear and understandable.360 Total Security 10 Premium Keygen is a security tool that includes antivirus and applications such as cleaning and optimizing your system. After this first execution with this program, an external evaluation will be carried out to identify the defects. The antivirus monitoring has three different forms (complete, fast and personalized) to get advice on the risk issue that can be found. It is very likely that security will grow and reduce the scope of this performance on this platform, in addition to assigning what needs to be protected. Once you have selected your documents, you can select and save the items you want to delete. These activities may be at a distance from your unit and improve the performance and functionality of your personal computer.

360 Total Security Crack can really be security software that includes antivirus software and applications such as cleaning and optimizing our system. After the first phase of 360 Total Security 10 , an evaluation will be carried out to identify errors and defects. 360 Total Security 10 AntiVirus Control is followed in three different ways to find personalized advice for the dangers that may be encountered. 360 Total Security 10 itis possible to increase security In addition, reduce the scope of this performance of this platform, in addition to the allocation of everything that should always be protected. Once the documents are selected, we can select which elements to delete and keep. These activities can form the distance within our engine and improve the performance of your computer functions.

360 Total Security 10 has been produced by the Chinese company Chihu. Complementary options make the 360 total safety 10 potential for beginners to update and rub our PC as well. The important component may be that the total safety virus scanner 360 reaches five different engines. Total Security 360 logs for viruses. Even 360 Total Security 10 makes some unsafe data do not dare to access a personal computer. We can free some space completely around the hard drive due to lack of space.

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The appearance of scanning times did not improve over time and, therefore, was slightly slow. Our first scan took 5 full minutes, then fell moments. The 360 ​​Connect smartphone allows friends and family to take advantage of these products. Cleaning, additional bonuses, compensation weaknesses, and synthesis. The Qoloo 360 Total Security has a lot of bonus applications, but special antivirus protection for the best free antivirus tools.

Rate your security requirements so that Windows tiles understand them. Integrating antivirus engines 360 Qvmii Ai Avira, the engine also has Bit Defender to provide maximum security and virus detection. This safe and secure adventure is much more secure. Create your information without worries of theft, phishing, Trojan horse. Programs that can be unsafe risks can also spread and be saved separately. Aids for automatic and thematic improvements. 360 Safety includes the ability to fully evaluate the system, which includes award-winning engines to provide you. These include Avira, 360 Qvmii Ai Engine, 360 Cloud Scan Engine and Bit Defender.

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is the scanner for the herpes virus on your computer. In addition, to start the computer, this application can show it and disable it mechanically, which does not need to work all the time. Its main function is to detect herpes. The virus scanner scans up to five different units. It is possible that malicious viruses here do not give you more access to your computer. It is a great tool that protects you from cybercrime at any time. It’s the best 360 basic basic security that includes five different antivirus engines, so check the engine, the engine repair component and the Qvmii engine as well.

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Total Security360 interface just some of the high-end lights. As described above, it is a real estate screen that opens most of its functions with a single touch screen. In case you want to clean and scan separately, simply explore the function guides on the left side with the window. Hotmail Scan allows you to scan or eliminate threats from your system quickly and completely.

The surprising difference with this application can be the ease of use, which means that experienced users can have their own interface and take advantage of their intentions without any position. The section of this center is the result of the home screen, which allows someone to complete the cleaning, development and scanning of the effectiveness of the actions with a single click. The option is selected automatically, alternative, which indicates a good efficiency for Windows but with a good amount of security.

Total Security Functions

  • Full Scan Quickly check the general health and safety status of your computer with a single click.
  • Virus scanning: integrate the award-winning 360 Cloud Engine, 360 Qvmii, Avira and Bitdefender antivirus engines to provide maximum protection and protection.
  • Accelerate: manage and optimize the services of your system, the boot elements and the extras. Shorten start-up time and start earlier!
  • Clean: clean up your disk space by removing junk files and an add-on that can improve system performance. With cleaning you can select areas and files to clean.
  • Protection: Provides 4 different protection modes selectable by the user: performance / balance / security and customized. Each mode provides a different level of protection against malware, phishing attacks and backdoors.
  • Wifi Checker: Wifi security control will analyze the configuration of your router to ensure a safe and secure Internet experience.
  • Sandbox: runs risk programs in the Sandbox, and the threats will be kept separate from your system and isolated in the Sandbox.
  • Patch Up: Patch Up offers the latest security patches and updates available for your operating system, including Windows updates, allowing you to constantly update your system.

What’s new??

Added: Acceleration: system performance, effective user interface, file system, intelligent hard disk acceleration, improved desktop icon cache, default browser acceleration, enhanced system indexing service, defragmentation Boot,SSD.


  • Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10
  • memory requirements of 512 MB
  • CPU 1.6 GHz
  • requirements 1 Gigabyte hard drive

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